EHOB - Goodwill Business

Case Study


is an innovator of affordable products that are effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. EHOB outsources an entire section of its manufacturing process to Goodwill Commercial Services, freeing up much-needed floor space in their own facility.

Starting with just one product in 2008, Goodwill now handles EHOB’s entire line, producing nearly 1.7MM items last year.

  • Goodwill focuses on the manual removal of unneeded material from EHOB’s medical-grade vinyl mattresses and other products.
  • With a defect rate of just 0.5%, Goodwill exceeds EHOB’s own rate of 2%. Since working with Goodwill, EHOB’s customer returns have dropped by 50%.
  • Daily volume can range from 4,000 to 11,000 units, with Goodwill flexing to meet EHOB’s changing needs.
  • Goodwill engineers designed every process used in the handling of EHOB’s products to maximize quality and efficiency.
  • Goodwill ships EHOB’s products daily, providing batch control and traceability – critical since the products are classified as medical devices.

Maximum Daily Unit Volume


Units Produced Last Year



Low Defect Rate



Decrease in Customer Returns



“I’ve been impressed with the quality I’ve been able to see. It goes deep into the training Goodwill provides to its people on a day-to-day basis. We feel Goodwill is a good business partner for a number of different reasons – commitment to service, quality and training are three that come to mind.”

Scott Rogers | President and CEO, EHOB


The TruVue Heel Protector

Recently, EHOB partnered with Goodwill to assist with the design process for one of its newest product lines, the TruVue™ Heel Protector, which is filled with a soft, cushion-like fiber material, differentiating it from EHOB’s inflatable products.

Goodwill produced several iterations of the TruVue design, recommended manufacturing improvements and continually refining the assembly process.

TruVue products are fiber-filled to within a one-gram tolerance, inspected for defects and batch-controlled to ensure proper tracking.


“We are confident, because of our past success with them, that Goodwill is the right partner to help us complete this product design. Goodwill cares about our customers and understands our business. They’ve always been committed to quality first, which is absolutely critical in the medical-device market.”

James Bui | Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, EHOB