Covance - Goodwill Business

Case Study


is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies, with more than 11,000 employees across 60 countries.

With a significant operation in central Indiana, Covance relies on Goodwill Commercial Services as a critical part of its supply chain. Because Goodwill has consistently been able to deliver quality and value, the relationship with Covance has grown from just two products in 1998 to nearly 120 products today.

  • Goodwill has the highest ranking on Convance’s supplier scorecard – 95.7%.
  • Goodwill acts as Covance’s procurement agent – buying materials from approved suppliers, packaging them, and selling and shipping them to Covance.
  • Last year alone, Goodwill shipped 12 million finished Covance products.
  • Operating within a service level agreement, Goodwill keeps sufficient product in stock and guarantees shipping within a defined timeframe.
  • The first people to see the finished product after it ships are doctors and staff in a clinical research setting. Thanks to Goodwill’s internal quality assurance processes, Covance has complete confidence in the products their customers receive.
  • Goodwill regularly completes last-minute and evening deliveries, allowing Covance to rapidly respond to its customers’ needs.


“Covance and Goodwill have had a relationship for many years, and the relationship has really evolved over time. We started out with a flexible, just-in-time working model, and we still continue that today. But we really evolved into using the flexible working model to hire people into Covance into permanent jobs.”

Paul Kirchgraber | VP and Global GM, Covance