Global Forming - Goodwill Business

Case Study

Global Forming

is an Indianapolis-based supplier of welding, stamping, roll forming and component assembly services, has worked with Goodwill for assembly of HVAC filters, which Global sells to its customers.

Watch how Goodwill helps the Global family of companies achieve its goals.

  • The filters, which come in several sizes, are typically included with residential systems at the time of installation. Goodwill produces hundreds of thousands of filters each year.

  • Goodwill’s process includes roll-forming, punching and trimming aluminum rails to size (using one of two industrial presses; excess aluminum is returned to Global), riveting, hand insertion of the filter media, crimping and inspection.

  • Goodwill then palletizes the product for pickup. From there, the filters go to HVAC system manufacturers and on to locations across the U.S. and beyond.


“We’re very pleased with our relationship. Goodwill helps us meet not only our customers’ needs, but also our desire to contribute and give back to our community.”

J.R. Spitznogle | President and CEO, Global Forming & Global Plastics